Tartlet with goat cheese, pecans and cranberries
Crispy bruschetta with pears and blue cheese
Cheese sticks with salami and olives (GF)
Avocado fries with chili mayonnaise (VEGAN)
Potato wrapped shrimps (GF, LF)
Puff pastry pizza with langoustine tempura and pesto
Tartlet with salmon mousse and chives
Blini with sour cream and caviar
Bruschetta with parma and mozzarella
Slow cooked beef with chimichurri
Pita with duck salad and truffle mayonnaise
Duck croquette (LF)
Chicken soy spears with roasted garlic (GF)
Bacon-wrapped dates with arugula and parmesan (GF)
Assorted sweet bites (macarons, strawberries and chocolates)


Canapé with turkey and bacon
Canapé with salmon
Canapé with roastbeef
Canapé with shrimps

These are only a few samples of the delicious delicacies we have to offer.

We can put together your event exactly how you want it.

Please send mail to catering@khveitingar.is in case of allergy or intolerance such as requesting information the contents of the menu.