Banquet menu

Sharing appetizers

Potato wrapped shrimps
Smoked arctic char with cauliflower puree
Cryspy duck croquettes with fois gras
Puff pastry pizza with langoustine tempura and pesto
Avocado fries with chili mayonnese (Vegan)


Served appetizers

Beef carpaccio with walnuts, tind (cheese) and rock salad

Salt fish with crispy parma ham and romesco sauce

Garlic-roasted tiger prawns, scallops, pickled red onions and salted lemon

Beetroot carpaccio with sweet walnuts, balsamic and rock salad (Vegan)

Main courses

Beef tenderloin, beef ribs with roasted parsnip, parsnip puree, truffle powder and beef glaze

Lamb fillet with cauliflower puree, roasted mushrooms and red wine sauce

Duck breast, duck croquettes, beetroot puree, grilled fennel, duck glaze and black currants

Oumph wellington with eggplant, romesco sauce and herbs (Vegan)


Pavlova with sea buckthorn cream, mango and vanilla cream

Cheesecake with rhubarb caramel and oat crumble

Layered peanut and chocolate cake with wild berry sauce and berries

Meringue with caramelized black olives, strawberries, mint pesto, sorbet (Vegan)


This is only a few ideas of the delicious delicacies we have to offer.

We can put together your event exactly how you want it.

Please send mail to in case of allergy or intolerance such as requesting information the contents of the menu.